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Gardel, Carlos
Tangos for Cinema (1931-1935). 11 Arrangements for Guitar Solo

Transcription: Jorge Omar Kohan

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Contents: Recuerdo malevo/ Cuesta abajo/ Mi Buenos Aires querido/ Soledad/ Sus ojos se cerraron/ Volver/ Arrabal amargo/ Golondrinas/ Por una cabeza/ Amargura/ Volvió una noche

Author: Carlos Gardel (1890-1935)
Transcription: Jorge Omar Kohan
Publication Date: 1-30-2019
Pages: pp. 32
Size: 230x310 mm
Binding: Saddle stitching
ISMN: 979-0-2153-2586-9
Code: CH 290


Over the 80 years following Gardel’s death, his tangos have been revised innumerable times, in song or instrumental form, for big orchestras, ensembles and soloists. With more traditionalist or, as in this case, more creative approaches. It is interesting to consider the work of the arranger as “composer of arrangements”, a characteristic of the genre since the 40s. These 11 pieces for guitar, created in the period 2000-2015, have been conceived in this way, adhering faithfully to the original melodies, and providing them with a rhythmic, harmonic and contrapuntal treatment that reflects the evolution and the modernity of the genre. (Jorge Omar Kohan)


It was hard for me to think up something new, in order to be original in interpreting Gardel’s repertoire. However, the arrangements written by Jorge Kohan on Gardel’s pieces have pleasantly surprised me in being totally innovative on a creative level, without losing the stylistic fidelity in each piece. They are of considerable delicacy and creativity, allowing the guitar to shine in all its registers and the guitarist to show his great technical and expressive abilities. (Víctor Villadangos)

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