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Vezzoli, Andrea
16 Short Pieces in Ancient Style. A Trip through Early Music Forms and Techniques from Gregorian Chant to Renaissance Counterpoint for Guitar

Editor: Piero Bonaguri

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Contents: Salmodia/ Ave Donna Sanctissima/ Discanto sopra il Regina Coeli/ Falso bordone on a popular theme/ Hochetus sopra il Regina Coeli/ Rondellus ipnotico/ Sopra la cadenza del Landini/ Caccia/ Danza nel modo lidio/ Estampia, Hochetus e Piccolo Ricercare/ Ricercare sopra Ave Maris Stella/ Canzona per le 6 corde/ Ricercare sopra L’Homme Armé/ Preludio Corale on the English national anthem/ Mottetto a 6 corde/ Corale sopra il Regina Coeli

Author: Andrea Vezzoli (*1982)
Editor: Piero Bonaguri
Publication Date: 2-21-2018
Pages: pp. 24
Size: 230x310 mm
Binding: Saddle stitching
ISMN: 979-0-2153-2535-7
Code: CH 279


This collection of sixteen short compositions by Andrea Vezzoli is the fruit of my request to the composer to write a series of pieces using different forms and techniques of early music composition (from Gregorian monody to the thirteenth century lauda, to the early polyphonic forms and medieval instrumental dance forms, to Ars nova, up to Flemish and Renaissance counterpoint). The guitarist studying the history of music who comes across the description of these forms and techniques, obviously does not have original pieces for guitar which can be used as examples to play, and for this reason it seemed useful to have a collection of pieces like this to transform for the guitar some forms and compositional procedures which are so important in the history of Western music.
There is, therefore, in the pieces which follow, unquestionable didactic value, which however adds to an independent artistic interest, making them useful also in a concert situation, with an important “NB”: the Composer has not restricted himself here to writing in the early music style, but has composed pieces that have vitality, personality and sound, more or less,, as if written today.
It cannot be taken for granted to find in a contemporary composer an interest in tradition that is not marked by the desire (or simply the bitter realization) to break with it; and it is even less obvious, given the intention to connect in a sympathetic way to tradition, to have the ability to write music showing a strong connection with the past. It seems to me that Andrea Vezzoli has made a particularly remarkable attempt in this sense.
Because of the average level of difficulty and the musical content this collection can be considered an introduction to the volume 18 Contrapuntal Pieces by Andrea Vezzoli and Paolo Ugoletti, already published by Ut Orpheus.
(Piero Bonaguri)

Series Details

Piero Bonaguri Collection
Contemporary Music for Guitar

Piero Bonaguri graduated “cum laude” at the Parma Conservatory. “Diploma di Merito” at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, he also studied with Enrico Tagliavini, Alirio Díaz, Oscar Ghiglia and Andrès Segovia, who wrote about him: “He will soon be a famous name among the best guitarists of our time”.
His performing career takes him to more than fifty countries in all five continents, working with prestigious Institutes and Festivals.
He has premiered, recorded and edited many pieces for guitar written for him (almost 400 new compositions have been dedicated to him by well-known composers such as Cappelli, Guarnieri, Ugoletti, Solbiati, Molino, Paccagnini, Benati, Carluccio, Anzaghi, Tagliamacco).
He is general editor of a collection of contemporary guitar works published by Ut Orpheus.
He teaches guitar at the Conservatory “G.B. Martini” in Bologna.


Seicorde (aprile-giugno 2018)
Vezzoli, nel nuovo lavoro, ha scritto Salmodie, discanti, Hocheti, danze varie, brani di impronta sacra, corali e contrappunti di antica memoria, tutti con l’intento di fornire allo studente di chitarra che si trova davanti allo studio della storia musicale esempi concreti da eseguire sul proprio strumento. Riuscire nell’intento di fornire esempi pratici e, nello stesso tempo, creare musica che non sia mera copiatura è stata la scommessa vinta dal compositore. (Franco Cavallone)

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