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Gangi, Mario
Suite Barocca for 2 Guitars

Editors: Carlo Carfagna, Francesco Russo

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Contents: Adagio/ Minuetto/ Allegro/ Giga

Author: Mario Gangi (1923-2010)
Editor: Carlo Carfagna, Francesco Russo
Publication Date: 11-24-2017
Pages: pp. 20
Size: 230x310 mm
Binding: Saddle stitching
ISMN: 979-0-2153-2498-5
Code: CH 269


Mario Gangi lavishes his remarkable versatility on this duo, engaging in a masterly fashion in a Baroque-style composition with repeats, progressions, imitations and embellishments which are managed extremely naturally.
The manuscript is basic, without fingering, indications of expression, agogic or dynamic, with the exception of the Giga in which some accented notes and crescendo and decrescendo signs appear that are faithfully reproduced here.
Since this is a Suite in Baroque style, it was not thought suitable to burden it with dynamic and expressive indications, thus leaving a certain amount of freedom to the performers.
The fingering and the (few) indications concerning tone-colour have been added bearing in mind the instrumental concept of the Maestro.
This Suite barocca, together with the Suite spagnola and the Suite italiana, makes up part of a hypothetical “tryptich”, certainly varied but with stylistic connotations which refer to the musical conception of Mario Gangi.