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Barbarino, Bartolomeo
Canzonette e sonetti a una e due voci (Venezia 1616)

Editor: Concetta Assenza

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Product Details

Author: Bartolomeo Barbarino (ca.1570-after 1640)
Editor: Concetta Assenza
Publication Date: 3-1-2003
Pages: pp. 96
Size: 235x315 mm
Binding: Paperback (Soft Cover)
ISMN: 979-0-2153-0791-9
Code: AR 2

Series Details

Collezione Musicale Marchigiana
edited by Associazione Marchigiana per la Ricerca e Valorizzazione delle Fonti Musicali (A.Ri.M.-onlus)

A.Ri.M.-onlus, with the publication of the series Collezione Musicale Marchigiana, inaugurates a new section which goes to complete its existing fields of research: cataloguing the musical heritage from the Marche, research on the region’s historical theaters as well as on the historical musical sources preserved in regional archives and libraries. The Collezione Musicale Marchigiana consists in the historical-critical edition of musical sources which are particularly relevant in the context of the region’s musical heritage. The editions will therefore be constituted by works composed by musicians from the Marche as well as by sylloges which are connected to this region’s society both in the remote and in the recent past, either because of their having been commissioned by patrons or important local dynasties or because of their being related to writers, poets and academics who represent the region’s culture. Every edition will contain a historical-critical introduction (with an abstract in English), the musical edition in modern notation and a critical commentary explaining the editorial criteria. The series aims to cater to the needs of university and conservatory students wishing to study and research, as well as to satisfy the curiosity of musicians – performers and musicologists – as well as, perhaps, some scholars of Italian literature.

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