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Homage to Vittorio Fellegara. An Anthology of Contemporary Music for Guitar (Arnoldi, Campodonico, Cattaneo, Dozza, Ferri, Molino, Pelis, Podera, Rota, Talmelli)

  • Preface by Renzo Cresti
  • Editor: Piero Bonaguri
  • Publisher: Ut Orpheus
  • Code: CH 373
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Natale Arnoldi: Capriccio
Beatrice Campodonico: Recuerdos
Pieralberto Cattaneo: …Erinnerungen…
Bruno Dozza: Ombra
Giordano Bruno Ferri: Acta est Fabula
Pippo Molino: Frammento H
Ludovico Pelis: Preludio
Giovanni Podera: Back to Fauré
Gabriele Rota: Meditazione
Andrea Talmelli: Frequentazioni letterarie

In October 2021 I performed in a concert in Bergamo the pieces from the volume Homage to Dallapiccola published in this series. The recital took place in the Sala Fellegara of the Donizetti Conservatory, for the concert season “Incontri Europei con la Musica” (European Meetings with Music), created by Vittorio Fellegara together with Pieralberto Cattaneo. On that occasion I expressed the hope that a similar venture could be undertaken as a tribute to Vittorio Fellegara, who had died ten years earlier.
My wish was immediately taken up by Pieralberto Cattaneo, who said he was ready not only to write a piece for this project, but to involve other composers in the proposal, contacted also with the help of Tiziana Moneta Fellegara.
Therefore, within a few months, numerous composers, connected to Vittorio Fellegara because they were his disciples, friends and collaborators, wrote their “Omaggio a Fellegara”, which I asked to be limited to the size of an album sheet.
The result was a collection of pieces, different from each other in terms of the compositional language used, but united by the sincere and personal participation in the tribute to the great Composer.
This year, 2022, when the volume comes out, significantly acts as an ideal bridge between the ten-year anniversary of the Composer’s death and 2023, the year in which the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Società Italiana di Musica Contemporanea (Italian Society of Contemporary Music) will be celebrated. Fellegara was secretary of this society for many years.
On this occasion, I once again thank all the composers who participated in the venture.
(Piero Bonaguri)

Editor: Piero Bonaguri

Publication Date: 11/7/2022

Series: Piero Bonaguri Collection

Pages: pp. 36

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2784-9

Code: CH 373

Homage to Fellegara (sample)
Piero Bonaguri, chitarra
Ed.: Facebook