• Offermann, Thomas : Modern Guitar Technique. Integrative Movement Theory for Guitarists


Thomas Offermann

Modern Guitar Technique. Integrative Movement Theory for Guitarists

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This publication is an objective contribution to Guitar technique with a framework derived from a knowledge-base drawing on anatomic and physical factors.
Instrumentalists make mistakes only when playing their instrument without conscious and mindful awareness. Any viable instrumental technique can only be based on natural movements executed without any cognitive feedback but with conscious proprioception.
Stating that pre-tension is a precondition for any movement leads to the conclusion that the demand for ‘relaxed instrumental playing’ as such is paradoxical.
Thomas Offermann is one of the world’s most high-profile guitar teachers. Concerts in more than forty countries of the world and eight internationally respected CD recordings with the Duo Sonare are evidence of the outstanding quality of his work. As a partner in Duo Sonare Thomas Offermann opened up the classical guitar repertoire to compositions by musicians like Chick Corea, Frank Zappa or Mike Oldfield.
Professor Thomas Offermann, who has a PhD in guitar technique, teaches an international solo class at the Rostock Hochschule für Musik und Theater, and is the Artistic Director of the International Guitar Academy in Berlin. His work on the development of an integrative movement theory for guitar has made him a highly respected adviser and lecturer in professional circles. Composers like René Eespere, Marco de Biasi, Carlo Domeniconi and Benjamin Verdery have dedicated works for guitar ensemble to Thomas Offermann.
Since 2010 Thomas Offermann has been D’Addario’s European Classical Guitar Representative.

Author: Thomas Offermann

Publication Date: 5/20/2019

Pages: pp. 240

Size: 170x240 mm

Binding: Paperback (Soft Cover)

ISBN: 978-88-8109-516-2

Code: LB 36