• Paganini, Niccolò : 6 Little Waltzes for Violin and Guitar

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Niccolò Paganini

6 Little Waltzes for Violin and Guitar

  • Edition based on the Autograph Manuscripts with Realisation of the Guitar Part
  • Editor: Italo Vescovo
  • Publisher: Ut Orpheus
  • Code: CH 248
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The considerable and important musical production by Nicolò Paganini for violin and guitar is now increased to a small but significant degree with the publication of the Sei piccoli Valtz (the title is not the composer’s). They are brief but very pleasing pieces, in which it is easy to perceive the spirit with which the great Genoese musician wrote his short compositions.
These are autograph compositions, where the instrumental indication (violin) is present only at the sixth. They could be considered almost ‘musical jottings’ found in two manuscript collections of music for guitar, the Ghiribizzi and the 37 Sonate, but which have never been transcribed and completed before now. Their musical structure is simple, as is found in this kind of composition, and is organised mostly in bipartite form, except for the Valtz n. 6 which it is tripartite (with the Minore and the Da Capo al Fine).
It is most likely to be the violin part of compositions for violin and guitar, given the musical characteristics of the six pieces, similar to other music by Paganini such as the Sei Cantabili e Valtz dedicated to Camillo Sivori.
It must not then be ruled out, given the numbering allocated by the composer to the first five Valtz, that they might even be the evidence of a ‘project’ which was perhaps never completed, or else finished and lost, of which in fact only these few pages remain.

Author: Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840)

Editor: Italo Vescovo

Publication Date: 3/20/2017

Pages: pp. 16 + parts pp. 4

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2418-3

Code: CH 248

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... Edizione molto chiara, con dettagliata descrizione del lavoro di ricostruzione di pugno del revisore. (G. Pandolfo)