• de Nonno, Carlo : Homages for Guitar Solo (2015)

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Carlo de Nonno

Homages for Guitar Solo (2015)

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Homage to Erik Satie; Homage to Jon Lord; Homage to Gregory Corso; Homage to Philip Larkin

Author: Carlo de Nonno (*1956)

Publication Date: 12/21/2015

Pages: pp. 16

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2367-4

Code: CH 224

Carlo de Nonno (Naples, 1956), composer and guitarist, moving from harmony and composition studies, and a degree thesis about medieval musicology, he took part in the Eighty to the so-called “after Eduardo” wave, aiming to a renewal in the Neapolitan dramaturgy, and wrote incidental music for the plays of standing personalities as Mario Santella, Enzo Moscato and Annibale Ruccello. The long fellowship with the latter, in particular, resulted in the composition of the original themes for Ferdinando, the famous play awarded in 1983 by the Italian Drama Institute with its annual prize, and destined to become the most representative and ofter staged play of the so-called “New Neapolitan Dramaturgy”.
Then, de Nonno’s career as a stage composer went on until today through scores of productions of national importance. Standing out among these are Ruccello’s Notturno di donna con ospiti interpreted by Giuliana De Sio, and Peter Quilter’s Gloriosa (about the life of the “soprano” Florence Foster Jenkins), interpreted by Katia Ricciarelli and produced by Enrico Maria Lamanna.
As a composer in a broader sense, he has recorded compositions of his own for the Cam Record and the Fonit Cetra, and has been performed on important festivals.
As a guitarist, he does perform original thematic recitals, exploiting his strong and constant cultural and musical exchanges of ideas, among others, with Sergio Notaro, Vincenzo Di Benedetto, Leo Brouwer and Bruno Battisti D’Amario. He has been member of the jury for the guitar-composition contest “Suoni Nuovi Autori” and for “Ciao Classica” award, in its collaboration with guitarist and teacher Adriana Tessier.
Moreover, he cultivates also the fields of literature and poetry: his short story “Beethoven’s Concert n° 5 for piano and orchestra” won in the year 2008 the first prize in the contest “Marcel Proust: music of the memory”, announced for an unpublished short story by “Florestano” publishers in Bari. He has translated important historical works of authors such as Paul Veyne, Jacques Le Goff, Giulia Sissa.
Detailed information on the site: www.carlodenonno.it
Chitarra acustica 04-2017
Conosciamo Carlo de Nonno come una persona di grande apertura mentale e curiosità culturale, che coniuga con passione le sue origini ‘classiche’ con un attivo interessamento verso il nostro mondo ‘acustico’ ... Questa sua trasversalità è confermata appieno in “Homages for Guitar Solo”, una raccolta di quattro composizioni originali edita da Ut Orpheus, che segue le sue “3 Piccole Suites” per chitarra del 2008 sempre per Ut Orpheus, concepite per avvicinare giovani studenti e amateurs adulti a un mondo espressivo lontano dai consueti tracciati di tipo accademico. ... Complessivamente, le quattro composizioni offrono un lungimirante tentativo di costruire una scrittura semplice e ‘classica’, ma ‘contemporanea’, coniugata con sonorità moderne, aperta a variazioni ritmiche intriganti e armonizzazioni anche ardite. ... (Andrea Carpi)