• Virgiliano, Aurelio : 9 Ricercatas from “Il Dolcimelo” for Treble Recorder in G

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Aurelio Virgiliano

9 Ricercatas from “Il Dolcimelo” for Treble Recorder in G

  • Editor: Nicola Sansone
  • Publisher: Ut Orpheus
  • Code: FL 22
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Author: Aurelio Virgiliano (16th-17th century)

Editor: Nicola Sansone

Publication Date: 3/17/2014

Series: Recorder

Pages: pp. 40

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2095-6

Code: FL 22

The Recorder Magazine (Winter 2014)
The 9 Ricercatas were originally included in a handwritten treatise by Virgiliano and recently published in a detailed and scholarly modern edition by Nicola Sansone. ... According to the modern editor’s excellent and thorough Foreword commentary, the main function of Virgiliano’s Ricercatas is to display the practical application of the rules of diminution of cadential figures to create passages to improve the player’s fingering and articulation technique. ... after mastering the tricky fingering, articulation and phrasing, the performer is rewarded with a set of beautiful mini-masterpieces that are a welcome addition to Bassano’s more widely known Ricercate. (O. Smith)