• Franco, Alfredo : Cahier des Chansons Anciennes No. 2 for Guitar (2011)

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Alfredo Franco

Cahier des Chansons Anciennes No. 2 for Guitar (2011)

  • Publisher: Ut Orpheus
  • Code: CH 153
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La chanson de la jolie fille; La chanson de l’adieu; La chanson du complainte; La chanson de la dame blanche; La chanson des trois filles; La chanson du prince; La chanson menteuse; La chanson du secours; La chanson de l’anel; La chanson oubliée; La chanson de la jeune age; La dernière chanson

Author: Alfredo Franco (*1967)

Publication Date: 7/18/2012

Pages: pp. 32

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2006-2

Code: CH 153

Born in Torino in 1967, Alfredo Franco experiences several non-classical musical contexts in his youth before studying classical guitar; he subsequently deepens his musical competences in the historical and critical fields at the Dams faculty of the Universtiy of Turin (Department for Art, Music and Theatre). The choice to abandon the concert activity leads to the decision to study composition, which has been his primary commitment in the recent years and gets concrete in the writing of a series of guitar works performed and recorded by valuable interpreters (Cristiano Porqueddu, Alberto Mesirca, Duo Giulio Tampalini and Joanna Klisowska, Marcello Rivelli, Ermanno Brignolo, Leonardo de Marchi, Sergio Sorrentino, Duo Giri, Duo Scarlatti, Giacomo Palazzesi) and released on CD (Cahier des chansons anciennes nn. 1 e 2, Marcello Rivelli, Ermanno Brignolo – dotguitar; Music from a parallel world vol. 4, Sergio Sorrentino - Map).
Classical Guitar Magazine (02-2013)
... the passionate nature of the emotional content of many of these works shows how committed Franco is to these new 12 pieces, and anyone at all interested should at least cast a glance over them. (Chris Dumigan)