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Paolo Cherici

A Teaching Anthology for the Lute. A collection of simple pieces for one and two Lutes suitable for beginners

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Until a few years ago, the lute was mainly played by guitarists who, having already had the opportunity to perform pieces from the lute repertoire on the guitar, decided to devote themselves to the ancient instrument attracted by the charm of its tone.
In recent years, with the spread in the past century of early music in concerts and recordings and of related instruments which has created a climate in favour of the opening of many specific courses in music schools, there has been an increase in demand from those who intend to begin the study of an early instrument without first devoting themselves to the corresponding modern instrument. Regarding the lute as well, today it is not rare to find cases of students of any age willing to experiment with a direct approach to this instrument without previous instrumental experience.
The present edition consists of ten parts to be considered as planned stages which, in the absence of any previous instrumental training, aim to accompany the student towards the progressive achievement of more advanced technical and musical levels.

Author: Paolo Cherici

Publication Date: 4/8/2024

Series: Paolo Cherici Collection

Pages: pp. 180

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Paperback (Soft Cover)

ISMN: 979-0-2153-2826-6

Code: SDS 28