Davide Notartomaso

Roma for Guitar (2008)

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Composition winner of the 2nd Edition (2008) of the Classical Guitar Musical Composition Competition ‘Suoni Nuovi Autori’ in Latina, Italy (Section 1)
The composition Roma born after a short travel in the eternal city. The multiple cultural, historical and landscaped stimuli that derive from its ruins must touch the mind of every visitor dipping it and transporting it behind in the history: these are the feelings that have inspired the composition of a conceptualistic-descriptive music work, dedicated to the places that more meant during the author’s travel.
First part, ‘Anfiteatro Flavio’, is clearly dedicated to Colosseo. It is so imposing and majestic that recalls still today the outcry of the battles and the noise of the iron: all that is translate in music with frequent changes of time and a virtuosistic and pressing writing. The apex of the fight marks in the composition a growing culminated in a moment of suspension and the immediate resumption with change of theme for the victory moment and its majestic celebration.
The second part, ‘Villa Borghese’, marks the passage to a situation of ecstasy and serenity inspired from the beauty and tranquillity of the places of the famous roman park. The composition develops with sweetness but are also present dissonant notes that recall the park contextualizzation in the heart of the city, with its chaotic present and with the urgent violence of its past.
Davide Notartomaso was born in Campobasso (Italy) in 1975.
He started studying classic guitar under the guide of M° Fabio Nugnes, and then he obtained the degree at the Conservatorio “L. Perosi” in Campobasso (Italy) with M° Riccardo Fiori.
His love for guitar lead him to composition when he was still very young, and he wrote many pieces dedicated to this instrument.
On December 2004 he won the first award in the “II° A.Gi.Mus. National Competition” in the composer section and the publication of his work Danza Egiziana (Ludo Editions).
On December 2005 he won the special cultural awards in the “Oreste Sindici International Competition” for his composition Piccola Gitana, published by Austica editions.
On May 2008 he won with Roma the first prize in the Authors’ section of the Guitar International Competition “Suoni Nuovi”, organized in collaboration with Ut Orpheus Edizioni, publisher of the winner composition.

Author: Davide Notartomaso (*1979)

Publication Date: 12/1/2008

Pages: pp. 12

Size: 230x310 mm

Binding: Saddle stitching

ISMN: 979-0-2153-1581-5

Code: CH 101