Alessandra Bellino (*1970)

Alessandra Bellino has studied composition with Bruno Mazzotta, Azio Corghi and Ivan Fedele. Her musical production includes solo and chamber works, orchestral and stage pieces, performed in Italy and in many foreign countries. She has won national and international awards. In 2006 she has been overall winner at the 1st International Composition Competition ‘Magistralia’ of Asturias with the Scene for great orchestra ”Le Gabbie di Danae”, world premiered at the Auditorium of Valladolid in 2007 with the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y Leòn directed by Alejandro Posada, and performed in 2008 at the auditorium Principe Felipe in Oviedo with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias directed by Maximiano Valdés. In 2011 her orchestral work “Dhrupãd” was performed with success of audience and critics during the 2010/11 season of the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Aldo Sisillo. In the same year she won the 2nd prize at the prestigious International Composition Contest ‘Italia 150’ 2011 (LAMS, Matera) with the composition “Silenzio! Chi ride?” for small orchestra and soprano, performed by the Chamber Orchestra of Matera under the direction of Marco Angius and broadcasted by RAI Radio 3 Suite.

Published Works:

  Bellino, Alessandra - La Voce di Orfeo for Treble Recorder and Harp (2011)   [FL 24]

  Bellino, Alessandra - Tre Micro-meliche di Apollo e Marsia for Treble Recorder and Violin (2008)   [FL 16]