Angelo Mazza (*1934)

Born in Milan, Angelo Mazza has studied at the Conservatory of his hometown where he obtained his diplomas: Piano, Choral music & choir Conduction, Vocal Polyphony, Composition and Orchestra conduction; he has also been teacher himself at the Conservatory.
As choir conductor he has gained many prices, among them the 1st price ath the XIII Concorso Polifonico Internazionale “Guido d’Arezzo” (1965). He is often member in juries for both national and international Composition and Choir competitions.
His compositions consist mainly of choral music – sacred and contemporary – but includes also piano, organ and instrumental group works. A great part of his pieces have been published (Suvini Zerboni, Edizioni Musicali Europee, Carrara, Elledici, Eurarte, Music contact, Carus, Pizzicato) and recorded on CD.
In the last few years he has held a perfecting course for choir members at the l’Accademia del “Teatro alla Scala” and nowadays works as a composer for the Servizio per la Pastorale Liturgica of the archdiocese of Milan.

Volumes published:

  4 Sacred Pieces for Female Choir (1st National Choral Composition Competition - Cat. B)   [EC 3]