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The Toy Piano (presentazione)

Milan, 17 October 2020

Antonietta Loffredo, author of the book The Toy Piano. From the playroom to the concert platform, published by Ut Orpheus, will present the volume as part of a concert at the "Salotto in Prova" Association in Milan (via Enrico Caviglia 5), next October 17, 5:00 pm.

In 1948, John Cage offered the public his Suite for Toy Piano. Performed at Black Mountain College (North Carolina), with choreography of dancer Merce Cunningham, it later became a solo instrumental piece and the point of reference for all musicians dedicated to the art of the toy piano. This little piano was different from the standard piano both for its small dimensions and for its sound produced by hammers striking different length metal rods. 

Into the first decade of the 21st century, several cultural and musical initiatives around the world have increased and spread repertoire dedicated to the toy piano, making it a key player in the contemporary music scene.

All aspects of the toy piano are discussed in this book which offers a comprehensive source of information to those interested in widening their knowledge of this topic. After detailing the origin of the toy piano, its constructive characteristics and its challenging acoustic behaviour, the book provides an extensive overview of the scored repertoire, as well as an analysis of the cultural contexts which saw the toy piano continue the tradition of toy instruments in art music.

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(Published: 09/20/2020)

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