Ad Parnassum No. 24

Ad Parnassum
Vol. 12 - No. 24 - October 2014
pp. 228


Neal Zaslaw

Jean-Marie Leclair l’aîné (1697-1764)


Michael Talbot

Eight ‘Double-Stopped’ Fugues in A Major: Essays in the Union of Counterpoint and Violinistic Virtuosity by Corelli, Bitti, Albinoni, Carbonelli and Zuccari

Nancy November

Editing Beethoven’s Middle-Period Quartets: Performers, Scholars and Sources in Dialogue

Luca Lévi Sala

An Unpublished Letter by Mieczysław Karłowicz and Other Previously Unknown Documents. The «Souvenirs inédits de Frédéric Chopin»: New Evidence

Rosemary Golding

Organ Recitals, Education, Repertoire, and a New Musical Public in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh

Susan Wollenberg

Musical Life in a University City: The Development of Concert Culture in Nineteenth-Century Oxford

Tatiana Debroux, Valérie Dufour, Catherine A. Hughes, Christopher Brent Murray

Toward Mapping Recitals in «fin-de-siècle» Brussels


Michael F. Vincent

Geminiani Studies

Edward Klorman

Mai Kawabata, Paganini: The ‘Demonic’ Virtuoso

Walter Kurt Kreyszig

Boccherini Studies: Volume 3

Warwick Lister

The Journals and Letters of Susan Burney: Music and Society in Late Eighteenth-Century England


Nancy November

Pippa Drummond, The Provincial Music Festival in England, 1784-1914

Federico Gon

Stephen Rumph, Mozart and Enlightenment Semiotics

Beatriz Hernández Polo

Materiales Didácticos que apoyan el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje de disciplinas musicales y musicológicas

Mariateresa Dellaborra

Paola Palermo – Giulia Pecis Cavagna, La cappella musicale di Santa Maria Maggiore a Bergamo dal 1657 al 1810

Maria Teresa Arfini

Fabrizio Ammetto, I concerti per due violini di Vivaldi


Jorge Fonseca

«El Cuarteto de cuerda en España de fines del siglo xviii hasta la actualidad» Universidad de Granada (20-21 marzo de 2014)


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