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Homenaje a Segovia (presentation)

Cremona, 26 September 2014

Friday, September 26, h. 14, at the Acoustic Guitar Village of Cremona Mondomusica, Piero Bonaguri will present and play pieces taken from the new volume Homenaje a Segovia. An Anthology of Contemporary Music for Guitar.

One outstanding feature of Andrés Segovia’s artistic activity was the systematic way in which he commissioned new works from leading composers who were not guitarists. This highly original initiative proved to have historic consequences for the emancipation of the guitar from the rather provincial milieu of aficionados in which it was confined, enabling it to emerge as a major protagonist in its own right on the international music scene.
To mark the 25th anniversary of his passing (1987-2012) Bonaguri asked some composers to write a piece paying tribute to Andrés Segovia. Most responded with enthusiasm, and he dedicated this volume, containing a selection of these pieces, to the memory of the Maestro.

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(Published: 09/14/2014)

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