Alexian Santino Spinelli (*1964)

Santino Spinelli (1964), in art Alexian, artist of international reputation and accordion virtuoso, is an Abruzzese Rom pertaining to the more ancient Romany community established in Italy. Musician, composer and poet, he teaches Romany Language and Culture at the University of Chieti and at the University of Trieste. During the 6th World Congress of the International Romany Union (October 2004), not governmental organism that represents the Romany communities of all the world at the ONU, he has been named ambassador of the Romany art and culture in the world. His production includes: the CDs Romanó Drom – Carovana romaní (Ethnoworld, 2002), Parovibbé – Metamorfosi (Ethnoworld, 2004), So me sinoˇm – Ciò che sono (Ethnoworld, 2004, 3 CDs), Andrè miró Romanó Gi – Viaggio nella mia anima Rom (Ass. Thèm Romanó e Provincia dell’Aquila, 2006, 2 CDs), Romanó Thèm – Orizzonti Rom (Compagnia Nuove Indye, 2007), Me pase ko Murdevèlë – Io ac-Canto a Dio (Compagnia Nuove Indye, 2008); the two poetry books Gilí RomaníCanto Rom (Lacio Drom, Roma 1988) and RomanipéIdentità romaní (Solfanelli, Chieti 1993); the historical essay Baro romano drom – La lunga strada di rom, sinti, kale, manouches e romanichals (Meltemi editore, Roma 2003). Website:
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