Roberto Tagliamacco (*1959)

Roberto Tagliamacco graduated in Piano (with M° E. De Giovanni) and Composition (with M° F. Ermirio) at the Conservatory ‘N. Paganini’ in Genoa. Since 1994 he also attended courses with M° P. Molino. Some of his compositions got prizes and awards in various national and international composition contests. Since 1999 he teaches Music Theory and Solfège at the Conservatory ‘A. Vivaldi’ in Alessandria.

Published Works:

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Concerto per la notte di Corelli for Guitar   [CH 209]

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Homenaje a Segovia for Guitar   [CH 191]

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Prélude sur le nom de Tárrega for Guitar   [CH 227]

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Settembre; Sur la neige; Celtic song; Dance; Tarantella fo 2 Guitars   [CH 271]

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Soirée Rossinienne for Guitar   [CH 216]

  Tagliamacco, Roberto - Una storia incredibile (An incredible tale) for Guitar (2009)   [CH 119]