Giorgio Signorile (*1962)

Born in 1962 in Cuneo, Giorgio Signorile began studying guitar at the local Conservatory, first with Pino Briasco and later with Paul Manzo, graduating in 1986 with honors. He subsequently worked with Betho Davezac and Leo Brouwer and started appearing as a soloist and in chamber music groups. During this period he was particularly dedicated to contemporary music performing with L'Assieme Chitarristico Italiano and recording two CDs on the Dynamic and l'Olandese Etcetera labels.
Inspired by his travels, he began composing for guitar. After a success at the composition competition "Suoni Nuovi 2007", he began collaborations with publishers such as Zedde, Sinfonica and especially Ut Orpheus creating music, both educational and professional in nature, for solo guitar and flute/guitar duo. His works have been performed in recent times by several well-known artists and ensembles - Giulio Tampalini (Strong emotions), Lucio Matarazzo (LM and friends) and Giorgio Mirto (Notturni).
His most recent CD ‘Reflessi’ (Reflections), produced by CNI Music in Rome, is a collection of works for solo guitar published in recent years by Ut Orpheus.
Since 2013 he has served as an official endorser for Aquila Corde Armoniche.
He considers teaching an important part of his work as a musician, a comparison between two realities, a dialogue where respect and knowledge are exchanged and interact, creating culture, risk, interest and mutual growth.

Published Works:

  Signorile, Giorgio - 2 Miniatures for Flute and Guitar (2010)   [CH 135]

  Signorile, Giorgio - 2 Pieces for 2 Guitars (2013)   [CH 197]

  Signorile, Giorgio - 3 Impressioni Parigine (3 Parisian Impressions) for Guitar (2009)   [CH 120]

  Signorile, Giorgio - 4 Pieces for Guitar (2010-12)   [CH 156]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Alpinia. 3 Pieces for 5 Guitars or Guitar Ensemble (2011)   [CH 157]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Appunti di viaggio (Travel Diary) for Guitar   [CH 99]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Around the bonfire. 16 Easy Duets for 2 Guitars   [CH 356]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Elegia d’autunno (Autumn Elegy) - Passaggi (Passages) for Guitar (2020)   [CH 350]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Garden Tales for Guitar (2012)   [CH 192]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Il grande larice rosso (The great red larch). 3 Pieces for Guitar   [CH 395]  NEW

  Signorile, Giorgio - Life in a Castle. 9 Easy Pieces in the Olden Style for Guitar (+ Video Files mp4)   [CH 376]

  Signorile, Giorgio - My New Landscape. 4 Pieces for Guitar   [CH 344]

  Signorile, Giorgio - November Landscapes for Flute and Guitar (2014)   [CH 214]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Racconti di primavera (Spring Tales) for Guitar   [CH 98]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Shirok. 3 Pieces for Solo Guitar and Guitar Quartet (2016)   [CH 234]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Suite per Sveva for Guitar Quintet   [CH 100]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Sulle ali di un accordo (On the Wings of a Chord). 9 Studies for Guitar (2008)   [CH 107]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Ten Plus Ten. Easy Original Pieces and Arrangements for Solo Guitar   [CH 370]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Terra e Cielo (Earth and Sky) for Guitar (2009)   [CH 121]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Together Again. 10 Easy Pieces for Guitar Ensemble   [CH 371]

  Signorile, Giorgio - Travelling Guitar. A Journey through my Beloved Cities. 10 Easy Pieces for Guitar (+mp3 files)   [CH 158]