Carlo Denti (1949-2013)

Carlo Denti studied composition with Rodolfo Cicionesi and double bass with Lucio Buccarella at the Conservatory of Florence.
After attending an international masterclass with Jordi Savall, he graduated in viola da gamba, getting the Premier Prix, in the class of Wieland Kuijken at the Brussels Conservatory, where he also attended a masterclass in chamber music held by Paul Dombrecht.
He performed in Italy and other European countries as a soloist and in Renaissance and Baroque chamber music ensembles. He made recordings of music by various Italian and French composers.
He taught viola da gamba at the Music School of Fiesole, in several international masterclasses and at the Conservatories of Latina, Verona, Milan, Parma and Pesaro. He also taught chamber music for string instruments at the Conservatory of Venice.
As a composer, he got second prize ex-aequo with the ‘Suite La Facile’ for Viol Quartet at the Viola da Gamba Society of America Competition, held in 1989.
He was co-founder of the Italian Viola da Gamba Society, created in Florence in 1987.
A selection of his compositions, revisions and transcriptions for viola da gamba is published by Ut Orpheus Edizioni.

Published Works:

  Denti, Carlo - 15 Valses for Flute (Violin) and Piano (1998)   [XXS 30]

  Denti, Carlo - 15 Valses for Piano (1998)   [XXS 44]

  Denti, Carlo - 5 Fantaisies for Flute (Violin) and Piano (1998)   [XXS 31]

  Denti, Carlo - 6 Fantaisies for Piano (1998)   [XXS 45]

  Denti, Carlo - Anthological Method for Viol   [DM 37]

  Denti, Carlo - Gemini Variations for Piano (2013)   [XXS 93]

  Denti, Carlo - Hommage à Marais. 12 Pieces for 2 Viols or Viol and Continuo   [XXS 60]

  Denti, Carlo - La Bourrasque. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 263]

  Denti, Carlo - La Facile. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 264]

  Denti, Carlo - La Paysanne. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 265]

  Denti, Carlo - La Tempête. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 266]

  Denti, Carlo - Les Tourbillons. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 267]

  Denti, Carlo - L’Elevée. Suite for Saxophone Quartet   [HS 262]

  Denti, Carlo - Pièces Trascendentales Vol. 1: 6 Utopian Duets for Flute Solo or other Melodic Instrument   [XXS 111]

  Denti, Carlo - Pièces Trascendentales Vol. 2: 12 Fantasias for Flute Solo or other Melodic Instrument   [XXS 112]

  Denti, Carlo - Tombeau pour Ms. Piero Bellugi for Flute (Violin, Viola, Violoncello) and Piano (Harpsichord) (2012)   [XXS 92]