Giorgio Colarizi (1912-1999)

The musician, musicologist, teacher and researcher Giorgio Colarizi was born at Fermo on 7 July 1912 and died there on 23 February 1999. His eclectic versatility, together with the vast range of his cultural interests and profound erudition, ensured that he played a prominent role in Italian musical culture in the second half of the 20th century. Having begun the study of composition with Amilcare Zanella, he continued with Cesare Dobici in Rome, once again gaining his diploma in Pesaro, in 1938. In 1937 he attended two courses at the Accademia Chigiana di Siena, advanced piano studies with Alfredo Casella and chamber music with Arturo Bonucci. After starting out to study classics he graduated cum laude in law in 1935 at the Regia Università in Macerata, with a thesis in civil law on copyright in works involving music and the cinema. Later on he attended the philosophy course at Rome University from 1948 to 1951, passing all the exams. His substantial output as a composer still remains to be explored. It owes much to the expressive climate fashioned in Italy by the “generation of the eighties”, and features works for solo piano, voice and piano, and small instrumental ensembles. True to his teaching vocation he collected, harmonised and translated a vast corpus of Italian and foreign choral music, with an eye in particular to the popular repertoire.

Published Works:

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 14 Lyrics for Voice and Piano   [XXS 32]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 2 Fughe a due controsoggetti   [XXS 57]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 20 Variations for Piano (1929)   [XXS 33]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 3 Inventions for 2 Flutes and Bass Viol (Violoncello) (1980)   [XXS 41]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 3 Inventions for Violin, Clarinet and Bass Viol (Violoncello) (1981)   [XXS 46]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 3 Inventions for Violin, Oboe and Bass Viol (Violoncello) (1981)   [XXS 47]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 3 Motets for Voice and Organ   [XXS 42]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - 4 Motets (ATTB)   [XXS 49]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Chimonanthus for Piano (1984)   [XXS 40]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Fuga di scuola on a theme by D.F.E. Auber   [XXS 48]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Gherardo e Gaietta for Solo, Choir and Orchestra [Score]   [XXS 56]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Il Transito della Madonna for Voice and Piano   [XXS 43]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Missa Votiva for 2 Unequal Voices and Organ   [MS 46]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - Preludio e Allegro for Violin and Piano   [XXS 85]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - String Quartet No. 1   [XXS 67]

  Colarizi, Giorgio - String Quartet No. 2   [XXS 65]