Giuseppe Manzino (1929-1992)

Giuseppe Manzino was born in Savona on 23 September 1929. He began his musical studies at an early age under the guidance of his father, Giovanni, gaining his diploma in Pianoforte at the Conservatorio di Torino in 1950. He also attended the Istituto Magistrale, and on completing this school he had a meeting with a good friend of his father’s Virgilio Mortari, who after listening to some pieces he had written for piano advised him to begin studying composition without delay. He enrolled in what was then the Istituto Musicale Pareggiato “N. Paganini” in Genova and studied with Mario Barbieri, gaining his diploma in Composition in 1953. The following year he studied Instrumentation for Band with Giustino Di Marino in Genova, receiving his diploma in this discipline too in Torino.
He occasionally gave recitals, above all on the organ, and performed chamber music, but he dedicated himself above all to composition, obtaining recognition and awards in various national competitions. He wrote instrumental, vocal, chamber and symphonic music (including ‘Trittico savonese’, 1976) and also a one act opera (’Binario’, 1957) to a libretto by the Futurist poet and painter Vittorio Tommasini (Farfa). His Sonata (I) per organo received the gold medal at the XVIII Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “G.B. Viotti” in Vercelli in 1967, and the Corale variato for organ won a prize in the first “Concorso V. Carrara” in 1969. Compositions of his have been performed in Italy and in the United States, Latin America, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, as well as being broadcast on the radio in Spain and Italy. He had works published by Ricordi, Carrara, Carisch, Edipan, Bèrben and Forberg, while most of his output has appeared (or is being prepared for publication) in Ut Orpheus Edizioni, Bologna.
Giuseppe Manzino died in Savona on 4 July 1992.

Published Works:

  Manzino, Giuseppe - 2 Momenti for Violoncello and Piano   [XXS 7]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - 24 Marzo for Mixed 4-part Choir, Organ, Trumpet and Percussion [Score]   [XXS 38A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - 9 Pieces for Piano (1974)   [XXS 94]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Adagio for Violin (Flute) and Organ (1990)   [XXS 37]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Collection of themes for the study of Composition   [DM 23]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Concertino for Violoncello and String Orchestra (1956) [Score]   [XXS 58A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Concerto Lirico for Violin and Orchestra (1978-79) [Piano Reduction]   [XXS 83R]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Concerto Lirico for Violin and Orchestra (1978-79) [Score]   [XXS 83A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Concerto for Oboe and Strings (1987) [Score]   [XXS 73A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Concerto for Organ, Strings, Brass and Timpani (1985-86) [Score]   [XXS 39A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Dialoghi for Piano, Violin, Viola and Violoncello (1989)   [XXS 12]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Divertimento for Harpsichord, Flute, Oboe and Violoncello (1989)   [XXS 10]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Guitar Works (1987-1990)   [CH 66]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Impressioni Sinfoniche. Trittico Savonese for Orchestra (1976) [Score]   [XXS 26A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Intermezzo and Scherzino for 3 Trumpets   [XXS 8]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Lyrics for Voice and Piano   [XXS 61]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Musica per 6 strumenti for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola and Violoncello (1987)   [XXS 11]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Notturno for Flute and String Quartet (1988)   [XXS 50]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Preludio alla notte for String Orchestra (1979) [Score]   [XXS 36A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Selected Piano Works - Vol. 1   [XXS 101]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Selected Piano Works - Vol. 2   [XXS 102]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sinfonia for Organ 4 Hands (1989)   [XXS 3]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonata No. 1 for Piano (1956)   [XXS 17]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano (1953)   [XXS 51]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonata No. 2 for Piano (1974)   [XXS 27]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano   [XXS 15]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonata No. 3 (breve) for Piano (1974)   [XXS 28]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonatina a 4 for Flute, Oboe, Violoncello and Piano   [XXS 9]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Sonatina for Trumpet and Piano (1961)   [XXS 6]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - String Quartet (1961)   [XXS 29]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Tantum ergo for Soprano, Choir and Strings (1989) [Score]   [XXS 35A]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Tarantella Op. 48. Divertimento Op. 49 for 2 Pianos   [XXS 13]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Theme and Variations for Piano 4 Hands (1983)   [XXS 5]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Variazioni su tema originale for Piano (1986)   [XXS 23]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Variazioni su un tema di Poulenc for 2 Pianos (1975-76)   [XXS 103]

  Manzino, Giuseppe - Works for Flute and Piano. “Nuvole” for Flute Solo   [XXS 4]