Marco Ferrari (*1958)

Marco Ferrari , clarinetist and flutist, taught improvisation at the HEMGE (Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève) from 2004 to 2021. For 40 years, he has been supporting his teaching activity with an intense concert activity in the field of ancient and ethnic music.
In 1980 he began his own international concert activity with the Alia Musica Ensemble of Milan. Since 1985 he has been regularly invited by the most important European ancient music festivals in Northern Europe, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and England. As an instrumentalist of ethnic and ancient music, he participates in the creation of pop music CDs with Italian artists such as Lucio Dalla, Mia Martini, Aleandro Baldi, Angelo Branduardi. In the same period he collaborates with several Middle Eastern music groups, from Egypt, Lebanon, Romania and Greece. In 1989 he founded and directed the early music group Sine Nomine-Acantus, with which he made several tours in the most important European festivals. In 2003 he founded Salon de Musiques, an ensemble that is at the crossroads of different musical genres.
He has toured throughout the United States and South America, playing in New York, Los Angeles (Getty Museum), San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Washington (National Gallery), Seattle, Saint Louis and other major cities.
In 2018 he published for Ut Orpheus, in the form of suites for string quartet, a collection on traditional urban music from Central Europe.

Published Works:

  Ferrari, Marco - Balkan Suite for String Quartet   [HS 244]

  Ferrari, Marco - Eastern Suite for String Quartet   [HS 245]

  Ferrari, Marco - Hungarian Suite for String Quartet   [HS 247]

  Ferrari, Marco - Italian Suite for String Quartet   [HS 250]

  Ferrari, Marco - Klezmer Suite for String Quartet   [HS 249]

  Ferrari, Marco - L’interpretazione della musica antica. Pratica e teoria dal Medioevo all’invenzione del melodramma [+ file audio mp3]   [LB 42]

  Ferrari, Marco - Romanian Suite for String Quartet   [HS 246]

  Ferrari, Marco - Romany Suite for String Quartet   [HS 248]