Manolo Da Rold (*1976)

Born in Belluno in 1976, Manolo Da Rold obtained his diplomas in Organ, Organ composition and Sacred Music cum laude and subsequently he attended several improvement courses with worldwide well-known teachers.
Since 1998 Da Rold is the conductor of the Corale Zumellese in Mel (Belluno), mixed polyphonic choir that has performed several concerts all over Europe and in America and has won many prices and gained Jury’s special mentions both in national and international competitions.
As a composer his works have been published by Feniarco, Sonitus, Asac, Edizioni Musicali Europee and has published other pieces in specialized collections and magazines. He collaborates with La Cartellina, famous didactic and choral music review. His works have been awarded both in national and international competitions and has taken part in many musical meetings about choir direction, choral formation, popular music and conductor’s formation both as teacher and as conductor. Moreover, he has analyzed and written articles about contemporary music and has been member in many juries for choral and composition competitions.
Nowadays, he is the artistic director of Mel’s Rassegna Internazionale di Canto Corale, member of the Artistic Committee of ASAC Veneto and of the Sacred music committee of the Diocese of Belluno-Feltre.

Published Works:

  Da Rold, Manolo - Ave Maria for Mixed Choir (SATB)   [EC 4]