Maurizio Santoiemma (*1955)

Born in 1955, Maurizio Santoiemma graduated in Padova with a dissertation on electronic music.
In the Eighties has co-operated with the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale dell’Università di Padova while improving a program for electronic music production and later has with different private societies for studying, projecting and realization of electronic components and digital sound’s production and reproduction programs.
Meanwhile he has studied guitar, piano, jazz harmonics, choral singing and composition and has taken part to many courses and has taken some exams at the conservatory.
Nowadays he teaches Electronics and in his free time composes, sings and paints.
His works consist of Instrumental compositions (for soloists of small ensembles), vocal compositions, pieces for theatrical performances, arrangements and orchestrations. Moreover, Santoiemma has worked with some choir with elaborations and harmonizations of popular and original pieces. He has been pointed out in several Composition competitions for choral music and in 2009 he has won the single price for a mimic scene composition price at the Concorso Internazionale di Composizione “Suoni di Fiaba” in Vittorio Veneto.

Published Works:

  Santoiemma, Maurizio - Cantico delle Creature for Mixed Choir (SAB-SAB)   [EC 4]

  Santoiemma, Maurizio - Venne alla luce for Children’s Choir and Piano   [EC 11]