Guido Messore (*1934)

Guido Messore got three diplomas: Organ, Sacred music composition and Polyphonic conduction by the Instituto Pontificio di Musica Sacra in Rome where he also obtained his Gregorian Music Licence, as a composer; beyond his Oratorium Jesus’ entrance in Jerusalem for soloists, choir and orchestra, he has composed several choir and organ music.
He has won several Choral composition competitions and most of his pieces have been indicated in many national and international competitions as compulsory pieces.
General Musical Culture’s teacher at the “L. Perosi” Conservatory in Campobasso up to 2005, Messore is nowadays Musical Culture’s teacher at the University of the Third Age and of Free Time in Campobasso.

Published Works:

  Messore, Guido - 3 Sentenze su poesie gnomiche di Teognide for Female Choir (SSA) (2nd National Choral Composition Competition - Cat. Speciale – La Montagna)   [EC 9]

  Messore, Guido - Salve Regina for Female Choir (SSAA)   [EC 3]