Gilberto Cappelli (*1952)

Gilberto Cappelli was born in Predappio Alta (FC) in 1952; endowed with a precocious musical talent, at the age of fourteen he started to attend the Conservatory G.B. Martini in Bologna, where he graduated in piano, choir conduction, orchestra conduction and composition with G. Manzoni and A. Clementi. He is currently teaching Harmony and Counterpoint at the Conservatory B. Maderna in Cesena. His professional life has therefore developed in the musical field as a composer: he has taken part five times with his works in the Biennale in Venice, in Milano Musica, in Pomeriggi Musicali in Milan and in the Festival Pontino. In 2002 he was awarded the Abbiati Prize of the Italian Critic for the best composition of the year. During all these years he has developed a great interest for the visual art, which he has cultivated with personal studies. Above all starting from the 90s, Cappelli has tried to devote much of his time to painting. The two activities found a meeting point in December 2007, when he was invited by the University in Palermo - Aglaia Department - Music Section to the three-day «Meeting with the Composer» dedicated to him. On that occasion two concerts of his works were performed, study workshops were held on his production and some of his paintings were displayed in an exhibition.

Published Works:

  Cappelli, Gilberto - Per Piero (2006) - Per Maurizio (2009) for Guitar   [CH 122]