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De Biasi, Marco
Canzoni del focolare (Hearth Songs) for Guitar (2009-2017)

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Product Details

Contents: Vento d’inverno/ Petricore/ Il velo del crepuscolo/ Tre capelli d’oro/ La fine di un’epoca/ Kcor

Author: Marco De Biasi (*1977)
Publication Date: 9-25-2017
Pages: pp. 24
Size: 230x310 mm
Binding: Saddle stitching
ISMN: 979-0-2153-2486-2
Code: CH 259


“Petricore” was the Winning Composition of the 11th International Guitar Composition Competition «Michele Pittaluga» (Alessandria 2016) - Sez. A

Biographical Notes

Product detailsMarco De Biasi (b. 1977) is an Italian musician, composer and painter. He graduated in Music in 1999 with top marks. In September 2000 he was forced to temporarily retire from performing concerts as a result of a neurophysiological disease called focal dystonia. Fortunately, between 2002 and 2003, after a motor rehabilitation programme at the “Institute of Physiology and Medicine of Art” in Terrasa (BCN), he made a full recovery.
During his forced retirement De Biasi studied musical composition, combining it with pictorial research. Starting from Kandinsky’s theories and Klee’s writings, he created a phono-chromatic system, based on the relationship between sound and color.
In 2010, together with the painter Max Ciogli, he cofounded SINE, an art movement of synaesthetic synthesis, whose main goal is the investigation of the relationship between sound, color and movement. Their research was, and continues to be used in therapy. In fact, through the “National Deaf Institute” in Rome, the artistic experiences of the group are merged to create a system that would allow deaf people to relate to the musical sound experience.
As a musician he achieved several awards at many national and international competitions: Città di Gorizia International Competition, Francesco Agnello Competition, Boston Guitarfest, Concurso Andrés Segovia, Prémio Internacional Fernando Lopes-Graça, M. Pittaluga International Competition.

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