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Verdi, Giuseppe
Romance sans paroles per Pianoforte

Curatore: Marco Lazzara

Prezzo: € 10.95

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Dettagli prodotto

Autore: Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
Curatore: Marco Lazzara
Data ed.: 1-8-1998
Pagine: pp. 8
Formato: 230x310 mm
Rilegatura: Punto metallico
ISMN: 979-0-2153-0416-1
Codice: ES 19
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Piano Professional (Spring 2017)
This piece is something of a musical curiosity, but worth considering. ... The editor Marco Lazzara suggests that 'thequestion of doubtful authorship remained open until present times', though the work was listed in Verdi' s catalogue as early as 1858. ... Neverthe less, it's highly recommended for opera fans, but also those who are as intrigued bythe background story as I am. Who knows, one day that missing letter of Verdi's might be found that resolves the issue of author ship of this work once and for all. (Nils Franke)

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