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Vivarino, Innocentio
8 Sonate da “Il primo libro de Motetti” (Venezia 1620) per Violino (Cornetto, Flauto Dolce Contralto in Sol) e Basso Continuo

Curatore: Nicola Sansone

Prezzo: € 16.95

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Dettagli prodotto

Autore: Innocentio Vivarino (ca.1575-1626)
Curatore: Nicola Sansone
Data ed.: 9-4-2011
Edizione: Partitura e Parti
Pagine: pp. 28 + parti pp. 12
Formato: 230x310 mm
Rilegatura: Punto metallico
ISMN: 979-0-2153-1869-4
Codice: CSS 70


Strings Magazine (November 2012)
... Vivarino's sonatas may not matter much when considered through the lens of the historical development of the sonata, but these pieces are charming, dance-like, and simple enough for beginning Baroque players. With any luck, this new edition may help Vivarino garner a few performance credits to his name ... (Corinne Ramey)

The Consort Magazine (Summer 2012)
... The publication is beautifully produced and very well edited ... these pieces constitute very useful additions to the repertoire for less advanced players, and are valuable for teaching purpose: there is very little other music of such directness and simplicity in the early 17th-century Italian style. For more advanced players, there is always the possibility of adding appropriate ornamentation ... (Wendy Hancock)

Arco Magazine (Spring 2012)
... The music is fairly standard in quality, but would be a good introduction to this type of early 17th-century music for the not very advanced player ... (Judy Tarling)

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