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Dotzauer, Friedrich
Pot-Pourri Op. 21 per Violoncello e Chitarra

Curatore: Fabio Rizza

Prezzo: € 13.95

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Dettagli prodotto

Autore: Friedrich Dotzauer (1783-1860)
Curatore: Fabio Rizza
Data ed.: 10-5-2012
Edizione: Partitura e Parti
Pagine: pp. 12 + parti pp. 12
Formato: 230x310 mm
Rilegatura: Punto metallico
ISMN: 979-0-2153-1977-6
Codice: CH 143


Classical Guitar Magazine (07-2013)
... The writing for the cello is at times lyrical yet contrasted with more spritely sections which often become, as one would imagine, virtuosic; that for the guitar not so interesting. However if the guitarist can understand what is required from his part, that is harmonic, rhythmic and melodic support where the music asks for and allows, then the resulting performance can be most satisfying to all parties concerned. (John Arran)

Stringendo Magazine (April 2013)
... The cello part at all times holds the melodic interest and is full of typically romantic virtuosic displays and flourishes while the guitar has the accompanying role through chords and arpeggio figures. This urtext publication presents clear, well-spaced parts and a full score. The cello part edited by Fabio Rizza includes bowing and useful fingerings.

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