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Ad Parnassum
Vol. 4 - No. 7 - April 2006

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Publication Date: 12-1-2006
Pages: pp. 180
Size: 170x240 mm
Binding: Paperback (Soft Cover)
Code: ADP 7

URL: www.adparnassum.org


Ad Parnassum. A Journal on Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Instrumental Music is a twice-yearly Peer-Reviewed musicological Journal, one of the most prestigious international scholarly achievement and a reference point in the field of the musicological research.
Ad Parnassum deals exclusively with instrumental music of the 18th and 19th centuries. The journal, which appears each year in April and October, accepts contributions in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.
Each issue includes articles of major scholarly interest (each article is provided with an English summary), a debate of musicological interest, reviews of books relevant to the journal’s field of interest and news.
Ad Parnassum is also complemented by monographs.
More information available at: www.adparnassum.org

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