Riccardo Muti. Naples and Europe


Ut Orpheus Edizioni has been chosen as the exclusive publisher for the “Neapolitan School” project, created by Maestro Riccardo Muti, who is running it at the helm of the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini. Starting in 2007, in association with the Ravenna Festival, the Salzburg Festival has produced, for the Whitsun Festival, operas, oratorios and masses of great musical relevance, rarely performed or even unheard.
In 2007 and 2008 Il ritorno di don Calandrino by Domenico Cimarosa and Il matrimonio inaspettato by Giovanni Paisiello were performed, together with La Vergine addolorata, oratorio for 4 voices and orchestra by Alessandro Scarlatti, and the oratorio for 5 voices and orchestra I pellegrini al sepolcro di Nostro Signore by Adolph Hasse.
The Demofoonte by Niccolò Jommelli, in coproduction with the Opéra National de Paris, and the Missa Defunctorum by Paisiello were on the programme for 2009.
The oratorio for 4 voices and orchestra Betulia Liberata by Niccolò Jommelli was performed in 2010.
In coproduction with the Teatro Real, Madrid, and as completion of the project, the opera I due Figaro by Saverio Mercadante was performed in 2011.

Ut Orpheus Edizioni is publishing the critical edition of the music in the series Naples and Europe, in the section “Masterpieces of the Neapolitan School selected by Riccardo Muti for the Salzburg Whitsun Festival project in association with the Ravenna Festival”. Furthermore, the publisher is producing for each work the vocal score and the orchestral material on hire for other productions.